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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day six : 10 Wishes!!~

Assalamualaikum wbt & Hye!!~

Sambung untuk 10 things in 10 days.. for day six..
10 wishes..

1. Putar balik masa
Okay, kalo dapat putar balik masa, aku nak jumpa arwah abah and cakap kat die, saya sayang abah saya.. hehehe.. sebab selama nie xpernah cakap kat die macam tu..

2. handphone
I wish i can have a new handphone.. maybe Nokia C7 or iphone4..
no more sony ericson.. keypad slalu rosak.. geram..

3. Driving License
Memang nak sangat ade lesen sendiri.. dh byk kali nk try blaja driving but not confident la.. ahahaha.. tunggu je la nanti..

4. To be novelist
I wish i can be novelist like Ahadiat Akashah.. 

5. Meet Ian Somerhalder
Ahaha.. I wish i can meet this person.. 
i love you Ian somerhalder..
Oh my damon!!~.. =)

I wish i have my own DSLR..
i wanna take a lot of pictures..

7. To be a good daughter
I know, i'm not a good enough daughter for my mama..
i wish one day i can be a good daughter to u.. Amin..

8. Have company
I hope one day i can have my own company..
maybe i wanna build up a resorts or travel agency..
but my family members would like to open up printing company..
okay.. just wait and see.. =)

9. Travel all over the world
I wish one day i can travel all over the world..
my dream destination are Australia, Krabi, Korea, Singapore, Morocco, Spain.. =)

10. Job Vacancy
I'm jobless.. I wish I can get a good job with tourism industry..
I really want to have a job with event company or maybe theme park.. travel agency also sounds good.. maybe airlines or hotels..

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