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Monday, November 29, 2010

~Emo Girl~

No one understands me,
My life is very unknown.
Because everyone that knows me think that I’m ok.

But they don’t know the real me,
If they did they wouldn’t call me happy.

For if they knew me they would know,
That I am anything but happy.
The feelings in my soul are so demented and sad,
The only way I can let them out,
Is by writing this poem aren’t you glad.

My friends don’t understand me,
Neither does my family.

They say I’m just in a bad mood,
But they have no idea.
I’m always sad and cold inside,
They think I’m happy and glad.
If they only knew the way I feel,
Maybe they’d get why I’m always sad.

Some people call me depressed,
Others call me suicidal.
But I’m not suicidal yet,
I’m just always very sad.

Even if I may seem happy,
It’s just a cover I have.
The way I feel inside,
Is very, very bad.

So maybe this poem describes me,
Or maybe you just think I’m psycho.
But now at least you get a little bit of how I feel.

But you will never know me,
For I am the only one who gets me.
That is why I say,
No one understands me.

And I say that each and everyday.
No one understands me in any single way.

Dadali - Di Saat Aku Mencintaimu

Salam.. dah lama x tulis kat blog nie..
dah bersawang dh.. hehehe..
Hari tu aku jumpa lagu nie..
sangat best.. siap post kat Facebook dan ramai yg share link video lagu nie..
So, korang dengar la lagu nie..
sedih gak.. ;(