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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt & Hye!!~

Love hurts it's filled with lies
because of it I hear lots of cries
You told me you loved me
and now I wish you would leave me be
you told me a lie
you're the reason I cry
I watch myself bleed out
and you don't care no doubt
and now I say goodbye
you were my lovely butterfly
I hope you miss me now I'm gone
I left you alone
I'm sorry but it's me you hurt
now I am buried in dirt
but always know that I love you
I know you said wasn't true
but goodbye
my lovely butterfly

by goodbye

P/s: Tetiba je kan post benda mengarut.. hehehehe.. :)

:: Effa CuRio ::


Abg Stalker said...

da mula bercinta ke? :)len mcm je..da lama abg x dgr lagu ni.best.

Effa CuRio said...

@Abg Stalker : ahahaha.. mana ada la.. kawan dah lari.. sedih ni!!~.. :(