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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Rock The World 10~

I'm quite boring since a few days ago..as nothing to do, just update blog...
and only blog in my mind.. hehehe..
(BLOG, BLOG, BLOG.. lalalalala~)
I get influenced by my sister and also Roy the best blogger in ATB to active in blogging.. ;)
sengal je kan... opps.. malay sentences plak..

So, back to the main point, I just wanna wish dat I can go to RTW10..
sounds interesting right??.. but I do not have any partner to go with..
pity me huh??.. my bff said dat she'll go but with her cousins.. huhuhu..
Then, with who I should go??!!~

Here are some info about RTW10..

Date: 26 December 2010, Sunday
Time: 10.00a.m-11.30 p.m
Location: Stadium Bukit Jalil Car Park A
Tickets: RM30 available now at Ticketpro, Rock Corner & Music Valley outlets.

Elevate Main Stage:
*Love Me Butch*
*Dragon Red*
*Gerhana Skacinta*
*Republic of Brickfields*
*They Will Kill Us All*
*One Buck Shirt*
*SevenCollar T-Shirt*
*Bleeding Mascara*
*Azlan & The Typewriter*
*Pop Shuvit*
*The Pilgrims*
*Massacre Conspiracy*
*Dichi Michi*
*Skudap Skudip*

Due to popular demand, the organizer already add another stage with 15 more bands!!..

Tune Talk Indie Stage:
1. An Honest Mistake
2. Rosevelt
3. Deja Voodoo Spells
4. Car Crash Hearts
5. Kyoto Protocol
6. Cassandra
7. Free Deserters
8. Prema Yin
9. One Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
10. Hello Is This The Band
11. Stoneboy
12. Grey Sky Morning
13. Restraint
14. Lab The Rat
15. OAG

So, Let's ROCK!!!!~

p/s: who wanna join me??!!~ leave ur comment.. *winkwink*