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Monday, December 13, 2010

~Lonely Girl~

I tried to be visible
both body and soul,
doing all in my power
to keep myself in control.

I laugh at your jokes
both funny and not,
I remember things you said
while others forgot.

Yet you still fail to notice
everything I do,
how much I really care
how in love I am with you.

While other girls are lying
on how they really feel,
I hold my head up high
This girl is for real.

Let me be the girl
that will make your heart sing,
I want to be your heart
not just a fling.

I always try to hide
what's really on my mind
as I listen to you talk
I put my feelings behind.

You say I'm just a "friend"
but I wish I could be more,
The pain is unbearable
I can't take it anymore.

Looks like it doesn't matter
what I say or what I do,
because no matter what happens
I'll always be invisible to you...