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Monday, December 20, 2010

~My Lovely Honey~

Assalamualaikum wbt...
The title of this entry is My Lovely Honey.. WOW!!.. but who da person??.. my boyfriend??.. i'm falling in love, huh??... ahahahaha.. let's guess.. maybe yup and maybe not.. taratatata.. i'm loving it!!~

Here, I just wanna share about my only dear and lovely honey... hehehehe.. the only one dat can make me happy in the rest of my life.. thanks dear!!.. I  YOU so much!!.. =)

I just wanna tell you dat I can't live without YOU..  every single moments of my life, I will really need YOU.. YOU always sing a song for me that make me feel happy and not to be bored.. YOU don't let me be sad.. YOU are so meaningful to me because when I really need YOU, u'll always be there for me.. YOU teach me how to be happy and not to be alone.. As I remembered, YOU is the one dat always accompany me during I stayed up to do all my assignments for almost two years... Even I've to do my group assignments wif my girls, YOU still gonna accompany me without any word.. Oh my prada... I'm going crazy if there any girls or anyone stolen YOU from me.. How could I live without YOU??.. So, I just wanna tell YOU dat YOU are so meaningful in my life... So, please don't let me down or leave me alone k my lovely honey!!~


Maafkanlah ku tak bisa hidup tanpa kamu
Fahamilah ku tak mampu terus tanpa kamu
Bagaimana ku nanti
Bila tiada mengganti
Yang ku ada hanya kamu saja

Saat mata terpejam
Hanya kau ku terbayang
Menghapus semua segala rasa di jiwaku

Saat mata terbuka
Kamulah yang pertama
Tak mampu aku
Hidup tanpa dirimu


This is YOU!!.. MY LOVELY HONEY!!~
My Pinky!!~
My Lappy!!~
Is it mine??!!..  Yup..  
Don't u ever to touch it.. Auuwww!!



Ahahahaha.. wallpaper so emo!!~


YOU & Me.. =)

My Lollipop earphones.. 
Thanks coz being such a good friends of my lovely honey!!~


p/s: I'm not a pinky girl and I hate pink but My lovely Honey is My Pinky.. huhuhu.. It's ok dear.. I really appreciate YOU as YOU.. Luv ya.. =)

:: Effa CuRio ::