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Monday, December 20, 2010

~Khalid Xroomy Arumi~

New entry for today.. just wanna share a story about my new friend in FB..  I don’t know why, I just feel free to write about him.. hahaha.. weird, right??..  maybe because of his personality.. hohohoho.. ok.. let’s begin the story.. if i'm not mistaken, he was adding me on 8 dec 2010 around 11.15p.m... (wow, is it true??!!).. I’m not sure.. maybe!!.. ahahaha.. so, as there are a new friend request, I’ll just approved it..  easy huh??.. then, I just go through his profile..  and post on his wall to thank him for adding me.. so, starting from there, we have an awesome conversation.. huhuhu.. I like!!..

some part of our conversation...


While go through his profile, I found dat his address was in Aussie.. oh my Gucci.. one of the country dat I wish to go one day especially Sydney & Perth.. I'm a dreamer right??.. well, as ex student specializing in tourism industry, of course  a lot of places dat I wish to go in my mind.. yup.. travel, travel, travel... <3..Then I ask him about dat and he give a good explanation too.. actually, I thought he's mix but he said he is 100% pure malay.. wow!!.. his face look  alike mix lol... maybe because of his style...huhuhu.. Style??.. hahahahaha.. so funny.. I like one of his picture because of emo boys style.. but he said “ noo im not :PP.. i am me ;))))”.. ok then!!~

He’s a cute guy... guy??.. I don’t think so.. maybe a boy.. pretty boy.. ahahaha.. he’s only 16 years old and next year gonna be SPM’s candidate lol!!~.. now, he’s in Malaysia.. staying in Menjalara, KL.. he adores Chritina Aguilera so much.. big fans, I think.. ;)

Hurm.. one day, i saw he post on his wall to invite his friends to watch movie at OU.. sounds interesting but I can’t join  because dat day I've to accompany my mom to Putrajaya Hospital. But, nevermind.. maybe next time.. hehehe..

So, here i’m going to introduce his name as Abdul Khalid Arumi Abdul Mubbin aka khal or arumi.. nice name!!~.. born on 20th january 1994.. auwwww!!.. we can celebrate burfday together right??.. because 8 days  after his burfday is my burfday.. =)... yeay!!~... but I don’t think so.. ahakz!!.. huhuhu.. I’m glad to have a friend like him..  yup.. so glad because he’s nice, cute, polite, funny & friendly..

Cute...... =)
is he cute??
r u falling in love wif him??..  please don't... he's taken and loyal!!~

to Arumi, I’m so sorry because my English not as good as u.. hehehe.. actually, wanna write in malay but I knoe u prefer English right??.. it’s ok.. at least I try my best even there are so much grammatical error!!~... I knoe it.. hehehe.. last but not least, Thanks once again for adding me and be such a good friend....  do keep in touch k.. InsyaAllah, I’ll be in Aussie one day.. please be my tour guide.. will u??.. *winkwink*  ;)

 :: Effa CuRio ::