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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hoping & Praying!!~

Assalamualaikum wbt & Hye!!~

venue: my room
time: 8.03 a.m
date: 15 april 2011
mood: sad.. ;(


Hoping & Praying
-written by cliare-

Its been six months
We've not talked
all we've done is urging
we've not smiled at each other
all we've done is being gloomy to each other
since the day we stopped being friends
everything changed
I'm still here hoping & praying
that we can get back together
truly deep down in my heart
I miss you so much
I just wish things would go back
I can't tell the future
but with my hope & prayers
I know everything will be fine
someday I will walk to you
and try to make things work out
I hope and pray
We will be friends once again
I'm still here 
hoping & praying that we can be

Do you ever losing your friend??..
Now, I'm losing my friend.. 
My friend don't need me anymore..
Silly me.. ;((
I just hope that my friend realize 
what really happened to our friendship..

p/s: I miss you!!~.. How could you do this to me??.. like i'm nothing.. you hurt me!!~.. ;(

:: Effa CuRio ::


iQa~ said...

mungkin kawan ko tu xrasa betapa pentingnya ko dlm hidup dia...

xde guna ko sedih utk org mcm tu...bek cr kawan len..

Effa CuRio said...

iQa: baiklah.. huhuhu