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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What type of flowers do you like most??!!~

Hye readers!!~.. What type of flowers do u like most??.. Actually, I'm not the type of girl who like flowers so much.. But to answer this question, for me, among the flowers, i like roses.. not red, pink, yellow, blue, purple or white but black roses!!~.. even black roses are seem hard to find, but i really like it because it looks so smart and gothic.. ;).. did u know about black roses??.. 

nice right??

According to Wikipedia ; black rose do not exist in nature as such but nevertheless have been created in laboratories... Botanists have manipulated roses' genes through preliminary cross breeding, creating a hybrid black rose.. They are often featured in fiction with many different meanings.. The flowers commonly called black roses are actually a very red dark in colour...

Kim Kenney, ehow Contibutor says " Black roses are traditionally given with humor for a milestone birthday or as a revenge gift after a divorce or breakup. Black roses are also popular as gifts within the Goth community and they are sometimes used in Halloween decorations.. " 

Black roses signify death, loss, farewell or vengeance. They can also symbolize new beginnings and the death of old habits or ideas.

Making Black Roses
To deepen the colour of a rose, place a dark red rose in a vase of water mixed with black ink...

That's it for now.. I love black roses.. ;))
did someone will give it to me on my birthday??.. 

:: Effa CuRio ::


cik bahulu oren said...

i x suka flowers
xtaw kenapa..cm pelik je gul x suka bunga kn..

Effa CuRio said...

same wif me.. xsuka gak flowers but falling in love wif black roses.. hehehe.. ;))

LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...

suke flower hawa... hee... flower bunge kureng.. teeett...

Effa CuRio said...

teeettttt.. hehehe.. ;)