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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No One Knows Me

Assalamualaikum wbt & Hi Readers & Bloggers =)

No One will ever truly know me.
How can they when they never try,
because I smile they assume I am happy.

No One Knows Me.
I hide behind a mask,
they just never did get it.

No One Knows Me.
It is a difficult task,
always there for people but they are never truly there for me.

No One Knows Me.
Friendships, I have many,
if I do why do I still feel alone in this world?

No One Knows Me.
I guess it is just a curse,
they wouldn't understand.

No One Knows Me.
They wouldn't care,
they would call it a teenage phase.

The emotionless mask will be up forever more,
waiting for someone to take it off of me.
No one will ever truly know me.

By Caitlin Glaspell

:: Effa CuRio ::