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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

25 Random Things!!~

Assalamualaikum wbt & hye bloggers!!~..
You wanna know about me??.. here are 25 random things about me..

1. Name in IC : Effa Binti Mustafa Bakri.. can called me effa.. or Effa CuRio.. my bff called me fa or fafa.. my niece called me auntie fafa.. =)

2. was born on 28th January 198* in Hospital Besar Ipoh, Perak but now known as Hospital Permaisuri Bainun.. i'm anak jati Perak but now already move on and stayed in shah alam.. 

3. fresh graduates from UiTM in Bsc (Hons) Tourism Management and minor in Hotel Management.. now, i'm jobless.. hehehe..

4. adores Avril Lavigne and Haylie Williams so much.. they're cute and rocks my world.. =)

5. i had a dream to be novelist like Ahadiat Akashah because i adores him and his novels.. please pray for me and hope someday i'll be like him.. (angan-angan tinggi)

6. i'm petite.. so many people don't believe that i'm 20+ years old.. they thought me still studying in secondary school.. ahahahaha.. 

7. i love music so much.. i can't live without music because music is my life..  
my late father was musician and i hope i can be like him.. i wanna be a drummer.. hehehe..

8. i'm  a simple person and sumtimes quite sensitive and emo too.. that's y people says i'm emo girl and my blogger also more to emo.. blogger name also http;//emogurls-emolovers.blogspot.com.. winkwink..

9. this petite girl like to do an adventurous activities such as abseiling, flying fox, wall climbing, jungle trekking, water rafting and hope one day can do bungee jumping.. oh yeah!!~

10. like to watch Vampire diaries because of ian somerhalder (Damon Solvatore).. he's handsome.. hehehe.. actually the story so awesome.. really like it.. if i've enough money, i'll buy the books.. 

11. as an ex-student of tourism management, definitely i like to travel and a lot of places that i wish to visit.. first, i would like to visit aussie.. oh yeah.. then i wanna travel to Korea, Krabi and much more.. travel needs a lot of money right??.. so, i'll find a job as soon as possible so that i can save my money.. =)

12. i really love my two pinky gadgets which are my handphone sony ericson w750 and my lappy sony vaio even though i hate pinks.. hehehe..

13. fyi, i'm not interested in cooking matter and not good in cooking LOL..  ahahahaha.. but i'm interested in bake.. needs to learn how to bake cheese cake..

14. addicted to coke and fast food especially mcd.. (mcchicken, ayam goreng, mcflurry oreo).. love chocolate too.. for cake, i like marble cheese cake from secret recipe.. yummy yummy.. and the best part is, i like soya bean so much and a long time ago, my sis said to me if there are a boy or man doesn't like soya bean, he can't be my boyfie.. ahahaha.. what a fish.. i don't care about it.. 

15. have a happy family... oh yeah??.. ahahaha.. i've 4 siblings and all girls.. i'm the youngest.. have two brother in law, 1 niece and 1 nephew.. parents??.. my dad already passed away two years ago because of stroke.. ;(

16. did u know where i get the name of Effa CuRio??.. Actualy once i like emily the strange so much.. So, i wanna put my name as Effa the strange but like a copycat right??.. So, my sis give this name.. CuRio in german means strange.. hehehe.. 

17. i doesn't like flowers.. but if someone asking me which flowers did i prefer most, i rather choose roses.. black roses.. may i have a bouquet of it??.. ;p

18. in love with blogging and twitter.. currently deactive facebook for undefined period of time because of technical problems.. hehehe.. addicted for blogging because it is a platform for me to show my writing skill to be a novelist.. pheeewiittt.. (sengal je ayat)

19. i hate people who materialistic and hypocrites.. this person make me sick.. hehehe.. and also hate people who such a big liar..

20. once upon a time, someone said i'm a lesbian??.. oh my gucci.. if i'm not mistaken, this situation happen when i'm studying in Penang.. that girl says like that because she jealous with me and my room-mate so mesra and closed.. ahahahaha.. i'm not lesbian.. we just like bff.. ngeee!!~

21. hate heels.. even i'm petite i hate to wear heels.. i'm prefer wedges and sneakers than heels because if i wear heels, i can't walk LOL.. i'm gonna be like 'patung'.. ahahahaha!!~

22. Effa CuRio loves reading.. my mom said that i can't go to the bookstore.. if not, it took one hour in there.. hehehe.. sorry mom.. i like bookstore.. i like to read novels and comics... in my room, there's around 30 comics.. ;)

23. i'm a friendly person but i'm quite sensitive.. if someone hurts me , i'll hurts them too.. so please leave me alone or don't u dare to hurt me especially my feelings.. i hate heart broken.. if' i'm heart breaker, i'll do something stupid.. hehehehe.. just kidding.. i'll be friendly to all who wanna be my friend.. (salam kenal)

24. i love watching movie.. thriller or ghost or vampire movie.. =)

25. lastly, i love my mother so much.. she's my idol.. only she i had.. i mean as parents.. my dad already passed away.. Mama, I luv u so much and thanks for grow me up without husband.. thanks for sent me to school until i get my degree.. thanks for being  a wonderful and great mother to me and my sisters.. you awesome!!.. thanks for everything mama.. sorry if i'm not being a wonderful daughter like my sisters for you.. and Happy Birthday (23/02/2011)!!~ =))

that's all 25 random things about me.. =)

:: Effa CuRio::


unknown girlz said...

like no 9 ...same2 =)
btw.. mcm menarik jer amik tourism,all d best la okeh ~