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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~Open Your Eyes~

Dear my classmates... thanks 4 everything.. and for Julie..

thanks 4 dis song and video...

cause we don't have to do this all alone~


Verse 1:
There she goes, again, falls in love with the wrong man
As he spits in her face, he doesnt even give a damn
That she cries in her sleep, everyday she gets weak
She falls to her knees and says
Why do you do the things you do, is it love?

So many people, in so much pain
So why dont we answer, when theyre calling our name
Are we blinded by the hate
When all you gotta do is

Open, your eyes, to the world around you
Have we, become so numb
We dont hear their cries no more?
Show them love, offer them peace, be the shelter through a storm
Cause we dont have to do this all alone

Verse 2:
Far away from his dreams, couldnt take it anymore
All alone, on his bed, puts a gun right to his head
As he trembles in fear, no loved ones are near
To say itll be okay
In a minute his life is gone, but did it have to happen all along



Were in this war to fight a battle everyday
Cant find a laugh or smile were all trying to find a way
Open up your heart and let the good in you shine through
And live a life of love everyday


mamaaerish@eb said...

sukernyer kat lagu yer?... aerish & aed wat per?

Effa CuRio said...

suka lor~
diorang tdo..
aman duniaku.. hahahaha~